Senior School Leadership Opportunities


It is time for you to take stock….reflect on what you have done this year so far that has challenged you, scared you, pushed your limits….. I am not talking about “X Games” here, I am talking about the events that meet your edge and help you grow. This is called your “challenge zone.” One way to move from your comfort zone to your challenge zone is to do things you have never done before. There are many opportunities to try new things at SMUS within a supportive environment. That is what leadership development is all about.  That means pushing yourself beyond what you are currently doing to see what lies over the next hill.

Going to conferences provides you with an opportunity to meet others, hear different ideas and perspectives, and to learn valuable skills to become a more effective leader.

Here are some current opportunities: 

GNS is hosting the “CHANGE CONFERENCE”  on Feb. 24. The goal of the conference is to empower and inspire youth to be informed, express ideas, and take action. One of the keynote speakers is Amanda Lindhout who will share her story of her 2009 kidnapping in Somalia.  Check out the Conference website:

Open to all students – Grade 8 – 12.

The 2012 “CAIS STUDENT LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE” is April 17-21  and will be held at Selwyn House School in Montreal, QC. – There is an Olympic theme focusing on the skills that each individual can bring to the table. There will be Olympic athletes and coaches sharing their experiences and relating those to leadership development. Open to students – Grade 10 & 11.

* Application – Deadline February 17 to Rev. Fletcher’s office



We will be hosting two exceptional speakers, Alvin Law ( and Mark Scharenbroich ( and inviting schools on Vancouver Island to participate in a one-day inspiring and motivating day to push out of our comfort zones.

More information for interested participants to come.

Applications for the student facilitation committee are due Feb. 17.



MINERVA FOUNDATION FOR WOMAN – open to Grade 11 girls only

May 25 – 27, 2012 – we can nominate one person  

Learning to Lead is all expenses paid conference in Vancouver to meet with and interact with graduate students, young professional women and accomplished community leaders.

* Application – Deadline mid February 17, 2012


CANADA – EUROPE SUMMIT – May 18 – 20, 2012

SMUS has been selected to participate in this conference to build connections between Canada and European countries. Prime Minister Harper is the keynote.

* Application – Deadline mid February


Waterloo Unlimited Program, Theme of “Change” May 13th – 17th, 2012

Opportunity to grade 10 students of exceptional potential:

Application (directly to Waterloo) deadline: Postmarked by March 9th, 2012

Students will consider the perspectives of scientists, engineers, writers, philosophers, and others while they examine the theme of “Change” across the disciplines at the University of Waterloo.

Cost: Program Fee: $450
Supervised Overnight Shared Residence Accommodation: $120 additional

Details here:

Printable handout for students:


Come by the Leadership office or check out the Leadership Conferences Moodle (password needed) for more information and application forms 




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