Student Stories Inspired by Snowfall


A Day in the Snow
by Christian, Grade 4

A deer walks through the snow. The deer makes symmetrical foot prints while heading towards the pond for a drink of water. But when the deer sticks its tongue out it squeals in pain. The ice is frozen and the deer’s tongue is stuck on the icy pond. Soon after a farmer approaches the snow covered forest for his daily walk. He passes the pond and something catches his eyes — it’s the deer. After he frees the deer from the icy pond he continues his walk. He looked at the sun glistening on the white snow and his feet crunched. He felt the soft snow under his feet. The pitter patter of the drops of water falling from the leaves from the trees was soothing to the farmer. The beauty of the snow-filled forest made the farmer happy and content. He continued his way back to the farm inspired to do his work after such a glorious time in the snow filled forest.

The Daily Life of a Snowflake
by Angelina, Grade 4

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!” I screamed as I fell from the sky…
“OW! — That was a window!”
“Huh? Why don’t people take their Christmas lights down?”
…falling…falling… oh no…no…nononononononono! POOF!

I flipped over and grumbled. Well, thank goodness I didn’t have to make up the first layer or I’d be tasting concrete! Then the roaring of the wind slowed, and my friend floated down beside me. (Actually, she’s my 82976th friend since I make a new one every two hours.)

“How come YOU always get the gentle breezes?” I moaned, rubbing my arm from my unfortunate impact against the window.
“Just because I’m epic,” she said airily.
“No, seriously!” I grumbled in annoyance.
“Well, I guess I just got lucky,” she replied.
Easy for HER to say. She ALWAYS gets lucky.

Suddenly —
“Lookout!!” I screamed (well, if snowflakes can scream).
We dodged just in time to miss being smashed into nothing by a size XXXXXL sled streaming down the hill we had landed on. The large blue sled thundered down the hill, powder whooshing up behind it. I squiggled around to remove myself from the large snowdrift I had just jumped into to avoid being run over. But before I could get over the fact that I had almost had a concussion I got scooped into a large navy-coloured mitt. I felt myself being packed into the index finger — and Wsssshhhh! I was flying, faster and faster than ever before in my life — SMACK!

I moaned and detached myself from the other snowflakes (trying to ignore the stars I was seeing) and realized I’d just been made into a snowball and thrown against a tree. Sheesh… Why can’t humans use those Christmas lights instead?

Suddenly, a dark shape loomed over me and SMASH! CLUNK CLONK, zip zop, CLUNK CLONK, zip zop. Warmth blasted me in the face (as well as the smell of hot chocolate). The person pulled off the snow boot I had been attached to and whacked me against the shoe shelf. OW! OW! OW! I fell onto the tile floor and started to melt. I don’t mind water even if I can only move downhill but I DO mind the tile floor. It makes my feet so itchy.

As I evaporated off the floor, I knew that soon I’d be falling again, hitting a window, getting tangled into Christmas lights, and dodging a sled, not to mention seeing stars and hitting a tree, being a snowball or getting stuck on a snow boot all over again. I’m very sorry I wasted so much of your time telling you this, but I can’t help it. Yikes!! I hate evaporating.

THE END (or is it?)


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