Stories from the Annual Fund: Susan Xu and George Luo


“Every year, we give to the Annual Fund,” says Susan Xu, a current parent. “Every year, we feel we should do more.”

In 2006, Susan and her husband George were living in China and researching boarding schools when they found SMUS. Ultimately, it was their son Len who made the decision to join the school; at the end of his campus tour, he announced that SMUS was where he wanted to go.

“We’re very satisfied with the school,” says Susan, who relocated to Victoria just after Len entered boarding. “We wouldn’t change anything.”

Seeing their son succeed at school and become a mature, helpful teenager makes the Luo parents very happy. Family is very important to Susan and George, so they are glad to see their son settling into life as a big brother, since his sister was born almost three years ago.

“In Chinese culture, family members support each other,” says Susan. “It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or not, you do what you can.”

Much like they want to support their families, Susan and George also want to support the school community. They hope that their donations to the Annual Fund help other students fulfil their potential.

“We love to see the kids going on to university,” she says. “If we can do something to help them, we consider it a good thing.”

Len will graduate this year and plans to study engineering at one of the several North American universities he’s applied to. The Luo family plans to continue to be part of the SMUS community; they would like to send their daughter Victoria to kindergarten at the Junior School when she is old enough.

“St. Michaels University School, to us, is kind of like a family,” says Susan. “All of the teachers support the kids like family members. That’s why my husband and I love to support the school.”


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