Conversation Partner

The Conversation Partner program at UVic is looking for volunteers to help ESL students. YOU MUST BE IN GRADE 12 TO VOLUNTEER FOR THIS POSITION!

Each program lasts 3 months. You can sign up for one program and then decide if you would like to continue into the next 3 month term. New sessions begin each September, January, and April. During the 3 months, you are required to meet for a minimum of one hour per week with your conversation partner.

You will be matched with an ESL student for a language exchange. Meeting times will be the responsibility of you and your partner. You will help them to practice their conversational English. The program is closed for July and August, and starts up again in September.

This is a great chance to meet new people, make travel contacts, share cultures, and possibly practice a language you are learning!

Please contact Mrs. Parker if you are interested. This is a great opportunity for two friends to take on!


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