Winter term


Last Saturday was my birthday, as students in Senior Chapel will remember, to my embarrassment. My brother called me from Toronto to wish me well.  I told him he had caught me just in time, before my son, Graham (SMUS class of 1999) and I were about to tee off at the Victoria Golf Club. It had slipped my mind that he might have a testily envious response. I honestly try not to rub it in, about the climate in Victoria.

In schools where I taught in the past, winter term was full of academic work, of course, but also two other things: sports and the school musical. These past schools didn’t have the extensive orchestras and full-blown music program we have, nor did they have our comprehensive extra-curricular and leadership programs. When I think about it, neither did SMUS, in the decades I am remembering. What they did have was snow. I think I am happier on all accounts.

The golf game last weekend was on the cold and wet side, but I refrained from looking for sympathy. Last night, we actually had a hard frost, but now the sun is gleaming off the main field – gleaming is the accurate word. I am enjoying it because I am very aware of the hurly burly of winter term, how jam-packed it is with opportunities presented and opportunities taken. Just the way it should be – I do tend to feel that school life should be bursting at the seams.


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