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With a possibility of snow flurries being forecast for this weekend, there is a corresponding flurry of scholarship possibilities for the winter term at SMUS.  While many merit based scholarships will  be offered without application as part of a conditional offer of acceptance, all of the major scholarships at Canadian universities and all of the private ones being offered for community service do require application. Students who are interested, are encouraged to visit university websites and/or to make an appointment with Ms. Casey for assistance with major scholarship applications.  Please note that students have completed major scholarship applications  for Queens and U of Toronto prior to winter break.

New and Noteworthy Opportunities:

UBC and UWO:  Meetings were held this week to provide information on both the University of British Columbia and University of Western Ontario scholarships. Applications for both of these scholarships require nomination from the school. Applications for both are due to Ms. Casey on February 2. Students MUST see Ms. Casey to pick up application packages.

Criteria for these scholarships are:

• Outstanding academic achievement

• Exemplary performance in at least one area of passion

• Broad community service both in school and out

McGill:  There is no nomination required for the McGill Major Scholarships. However, the academic requirement is quite high – academic average of at least 94% over the last two years. Two references are required (one academic and one activity based) and students may request ranking statements and transcripts from Ms. Casey. The application form is accessed through the student portal Minerva. Deadline for applications is: February 7. Please visit the following websites for information regarding applications: http://www.mcgill.ca/studentaid/scholarships/prospective  http://www.mcgill.ca/studentaid/scholarships/prospective/criteria

UVIC:  There is no nomination required for the UVIC Major Scholarships. However, the academic requirement is quite high – academic average of at least 90%. Students may access the application through NetLink and must self-report their grades in the second round of reporting (starting in February), even if they self-reported in the first round, to be eligible for scholarships. Deadline for applications: March 31.  Black Press Scholarship for business students: http://www.uvic.ca/gustavson/undergraduate/prospective/tuition/blackpress/index.php  Deadline: Feb. 28

Private Scholarships:

CMolick: For students with demonstrated financial need. Please see Ms. Casey for details. Due date: Last Friday in February

Chick Evans: For students with demonstrated financial need. Please see Ms. Casey for details. Open to grade 8 students.

Miller Thomson National Scholarship Program: http://www.millerthomson.com/en/our-firm/community-commitment/mt-foundation/overview  Deadline: March 1, 2012

Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarship: www.canucks.com/scholarship  Deadline is March 15

The Big Dig Scholarship: http://www.antiquetrader.tv/studentscholarship.php  Deadline: June 1

Dogwood/District Scholarships: This is a scholarship open to students with passion in the areas of Fine Arts, Writing, Applied Skills, Athletics and Leadership. Please see details in another blog on this site. Students should watch for announcements from Ms. Casey in February when application information will be distributed. The adjudication evening is scheduled for April 26 at St. Margarets School. All applicants will be required to attend the adjudication evening.

Further information on scholarships is available on this site under the “Categories” tab.



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