Chess Champion Challenges Junior Students


by Tessa Lloyd, Junior School counsellor

From September to December, students had the opportunity to participate in Chess Club. Their teacher, Lynn Stringer, came each Tuesday to teach children how to play chess and how to play well. Lynn started playing chess when she was about six years old.

Lynn has been a member of the Victoria Chess Club since 1950 and was the Women’s Co-ordinator for the Canadian Chess Federation of Canada for several years. She has played in many tournaments, including the Canadian Women’s Championship and was at one time was the best female player in BC. Lynn was very involved in the educational lives of her children and volunteered in their schools teaching chess, starting in 1969. Over the years, her passion for chess has never faded. She has taught chess in a number of schools in Victoria and was part of setting up the CFAX Chess Championship involving 3500 children.

At the Junior School, we feel very fortunate that Lynn is able to share her skills, knowledge and enthusiasm with our students. She loves working with young children, because they help keep her young.

Student Thoughts

“Chess is a really good game, I like finding out how good people are at it. I enjoy it if I win or even if I lose”. I liked it when Lynn taught us about castling, moving your rook to the square the other side of the king and putting your king two squares away from the rook. She is a good teacher and she makes it fun.” -Markus, Grade 2

“Chess Club is a great way to learn and it’s easy. I feel excited by the game and relaxed when I play. I feel kind of powerful and confident. Lynn taught us the basics, like how you have to cover your king at all times.” -Violetta, Grade 5

“Lynn is teaching us some cool moves, like en passant, which is French for “in passing.” I learnt that you can only do it when you are on the fifth rank. She also taught us how to checkmate with only a queen and a bishop. She likes to have fun and she has the same kind of enthusiasm as young people.” -Logan, Grade 3


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