Reading Makes Students Buddies


by Zeyn San, Grade 10

The buddy reading program is designed to instil a love of reading in young children. It takes place once a week after school in the Senior School library. Senior students each get a buddy and read with them.

I decided to be part of the program because I love reading and working with children! The reason I love books now is because of how I had good experiences learning to read early in my childhood. I wanted to give the same good experiences to these children. Although we can only help so much, I think the Senior readers influence their young buddies very much. If they see an enthusiastic, caring older student who loves books, it might change their opinions on reading.

When I’m reading with my buddy, Cassidy (who is in Grade 2), I let her read to me until she gets tired and wants me to read. I try to keep the sessions enjoyable so when I see her starting to get bored or distracted, we have a small break. She was already a very strong reader when I met her but I feel she is also getting better. I think she has fun, and I know I do!


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