Dual BA Program Between Columbia and Sciences Po


Dual degree programs and cross-registration work very well for students who have multiple interests. Wilfrid Laurier University and Waterloo University offer dual degrees in Computer Science/Business and Mathematics/Business. Mount Allison University allows the completion of a bachelor’s degree with multiple minors. Bentley College encourages its Business graduates to earn minors in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Brown University in Providence and the Rhode Island School of Design invite cross-registration in each other’s course offerings as do Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College in Halifax. A recent blog entry on this site talks about a joint medical program offered by three universities – two in Scotland and the third in Canada.

Now add to this list the dual BA program between Columbia University and Sciences Po (France). Students complete the interdisciplinary social-sciences curriculum at Sciences Po, one of Europe’s most distinguished institutions of higher education, and the Columbia core curriculum and major requirements, spending two years each in France and New York. Upon completion of the program, students graduate with bachelor’s degrees from both schools.

Students begin the dual degree program at one of three regional Sciences Po campuses: Le Harvre, Menton, or Reims. Courses at the Sciences Po regional campuses are taught in English, with additional instruction provided in French and the living languages spoken in the region of focus. All regional campuses follow Sciences Po’s interdisciplinary social sciences curriculum, which offers instruction in economics, history, law, political science, and sociology. The second two years of the dual degree programme are undertaken at Columbia College in New York. After completing the Sciences Po curriculum, students will matriculate at Columbia and complete the requirements for a major while also cultivating intellectual breadth by fulfilling distribution requirements in a variety of disciplines, including literature, art, music, science, and the humanities. Upon completion of the program, students will graduate with two bachelor’s degrees, one each from Sciences Po and Columbia, and, like all Sciences Po alumni, will be eligible for guaranteed admission to a Sciences Po graduate program.

The intake for this relatively small and esoteric program is quite small, at present a few dozen per year. Students who desire a traditional, four-year, residential college experience will find Columbia College more appropriate. Students with a strong interest in French language and culture and a desire for a global, nontraditional college experience that combines the academic rigor of two world renowned-universities should consider the Dual BA Program.


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