LOL – Blogging!


As part of our LOL series, which began with Health Care activist Simon Ibell, we will be hearing from Alyson Rowe, War Child Canada’s Senior Manager of Community Development on Monday at lunch.

The focus of the engaging presentation will be blogging, and how charities and not for profit organizations can raise awareness about social justice using social media.

Alyson is responsible for building a loyal supporter base for War Child that is both engaged and responsive. This is achieved through strategic outreach, both online and in real life. Alyson is more than an ambassador for War Child, she is the organizations voice, particularly online. As such, she is responsible for articulating War Child’s often complex message in a compelling way that draws supporters into the discussion as participants, rather than mere listeners. Alyson plays a key role in developing War Child’s overall marketing and communications strategy and the platforms that she is responsible for are increasingly the focus of War Child’s advertising and advocacy.

Being comfortable, literate and savvy using social media and technology to communicate one’s message is an essential skill for the 21st Century Leader. All students are welcome to LOL sessions. Whether you currently blog or have never read a blog, this will be a valuable session to attend.

Bring your lunch to the lecture theatre and your blogging ideas and questions.


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