Kindergarten Class Swims Through Salmon Unit


by Margaret Lincoln, Kindergarten teacher

The Kindergarten students embarked on an inquiry unit to find out about the connection humans have to the journey of salmon on our Pacific West Coast. We began with an exploration of facts we already knew and brainstormed questions and ideas we wondered about. Through several fiction and non-fiction literature selections the children consolidated their knowledge about the salmon’s journey and life cycle stages. Experiences in art and a visit from author Carol MacDougall, who wrote A Salmon’s Sky View, allowed the children to encounter the environment from the perspective of a salmon. A visit to Goldstream Park for experiential learning inspired the children to develop the idea of recreating our own salmon forest in the classroom. The learning continued with a student’s presentation on wild and farmed salmon and others’ investigations into salmon predators. The students represented their new learning by creating life cycle transparency puppet stories on the overhead projector. If time allows, we are hoping to communicate our new knowledge by creating a new story about “Goldilox”!


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