A Uniquely Canadian Weekend for Grade 8 Boarders


Photo by Zoe Isberg
by Teresa Xu, Grade 8 boarder in Winslow House

This past week was amazing, especially the weekend activities. On Friday night, we had a great time at Ms. Isberg’s house; we baked cookies and played fun games. It was our first experience of baking some cookies and I think even though the cookies weren’t that delicious, we still learned teamwork and had a lot of fun.

On Saturday morning, we went to Goldstream Park for an exciting adventure. We climbed up the mountain and saw many dead salmon in the river. It was tiring, but then Ms. Isberg brought some sushi for us, so we quickly regained our energy. In the afternoon, we all went to the first part of the Alumni basketball game. It was really good because I was pretty sure they were really professional. Then, half of the Grade 8 boarders went to the movie Breaking Dawn and half stayed for the game. The movie was amazing and I bet everyone loves it.

On Sunday, we had three fun and important events: house games, community dinner and chapel. House games were dodgeball. I’ve played dodgeball before and I’m pretty good at it. We lost the game but I thought it was a really good experience; it was very exciting and fun. After the game, I bet everyone was looking forward to the community dinner because it was a Canadian theme! I quickly went back to my dorm and dressed up as a Canadian. Then I ran to Brown Hall, and I was shocked when I saw the menu of this community dinner. It said sausage, scrambled eggs, waffles, maple syrup and pancakes. “NO! that’s not dinner, it’s breakfast!” I heard someone yell. Everyone was surprised. The good thing was that when we came to the table and ate, we all liked it and I think everyone pretty much enjoyed this special “Canadian experience.” In the chapel, I enjoyed singing the songs and I felt more relaxed after we sang.


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