SMUS Continues to Support Liberian School


Last year, the SMUS community came together to raise funds to help a school in Liberia get a new roof and a latrine. Now, Abrahim Kharaghani and Levi Supowitz have decided to partner with the school as part of their Promote Literacy project in Advanced English 10. The Grade 10 students are holding a bottle drive to raise funds for Ma Facia to purchase books in Liberia for the Grade 1-4 students. They are working in collaboration with Dariusz Dziewanski ’97 and a colleague of his who works for UNICEF and has agreed to oversee the project on the ground in Monrovia.

Everyone is welcome to contribute to the bottle drive, which runs until December 14. Bottles and cans may be dropped off during the school day at Crothall classroom 108 or at reception.

Update on Ma Facia
Dariusz Dziewanski ’97
Against the backdrop of Liberia’s fledgling democracy, the students and teachers of Ma Facia have recently started the new school year. All told, there should be approximately 170 students enrolled this year. Over the summer break the money that SMUS raised and donated was used to paint the school, complete repairs to a once leaky roof, finish building a latrine for the students, teachers, and neighborhood children, and build a water source for the school and community. After a series of participatory meetings with parents, teachers and community leaders, it was decided that the latrine and water source could be used by the community in return for a small fee – between 5 and 10 cents to be paid each time the facilities were used. Both facilities are free to students and teachers. Proceeds would then be reinvested into the school for maintenance and building new facilities. There has also been some positive collaboration with a colleague of mine working for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), who has added funds to the construction of the water source and who has donated textbooks and set up scholarships for ten girls from the community to attend the school.

Letter of Thanks
by Napoleon Nayou, principal of Ma Facia School

Dear students, teachers and friends,

We write to appreciate your humanitarian and financial assistance rendered to us at Ma Facia Memorial Neighbourhood School.Your funds have helped in the reconstruction of our school’s roof and construct a new toilet facility which is the first of its kind in our community. It has also made our students over-excited, because this is the first time they have ever used a commode or a flush-toilet.

Let us admit that your timely and humanitarian assistance has greatly improved, and encouraged parents to send their children to, our school, which later will not have the capacity to accommodate the many disadvantaged pupils in our community.

Please do not stop watering this humanitarian seed you have planted. Help it to maturity.




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