Grades 1 and 5 Buddy Up for Art


by Lucas and Marcus
Grade 1 and Grade 5P joined together for a leaf project. We gathered lots of leaves and the teachers showed us pictures of fantastic artwork where people arranged leaves overlapping to make a picture that looked realistic. We did the same thing – we chose an animal and, using the leaves, we created animals by ripping, cutting and overlapping. We made it a really co-operative environment for Grade 1 and Grade 5 to work together.

“With my Grade 1 buddies, Daniel and Kelsey, we made an angler fish out of leaves. I liked working with my buddies because they were creative with what to do with the leaves.” – Mateo

“Ava and I made a parrot with our leaves. We took awhile deciding on the leaves because we wanted it to be festive and colourful. I liked that it was a fun, artsy project and that even though we are such different ages, we can do it together.” – Georgia

“Samantha and I did a butterfly. It took us awhile to decide – it was really fun. It gave us a chance to make something together. We got to take both our things we like and put them together.” – Zoe

“We made an alligator. It was really fun. I like how Eva is really creative and since she’s my first buddy, it really means a lot to me.” – Meredith

“Makena and I made a leaf giraffe. My favourite part was interacting with my buddy and getting to know her better and the things that she likes.” – Isabella

“Alexandra and I made a peacock out of leaves. It was pretty cool the way you had to overlap the leaves and you tried to use your imagination to create a shape or animal.” – Lily


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