UVic Professor Studies SMUS Students


Teacher Heather Sandquist’s Grade 4 class have been taking part in an interesting experiment. Dr. Sylvia Pantaleo, an associate professor from UVic’s Faculty of Education, has designed a program to develop students’ understanding of visual data. Over several week’s, Heather Sandquist’s class has had the unique opportunity of exploring visual-based texts (picturebooks, graphic novels, magazines and web pages) and learning about specific elements of art and design. The educational collaboration focuses on how students transfer their knowledge and skills across different types of texts and how students access their concepts of design elements.

by Angelina, Grade 4
During a Language Arts period at the beginning of the year, our teacher Mrs.Sandquist introduced us to Dr. Pantaleo. She is a professor from UVIC and researches children’s literature. We have been looking at many picture books and graphic novels in the past eight weeks. When we read the books, Dr. Pantaleo put an emphasis on noticing details that the author had included. In the process of looking at our books (which took a few days or a couple of weeks), we also wrote responses including details, connections and noticing things like line, point of view, perspective, colour and framing.

Our finished product will be our own short graphic novel. I think that this is a valuable experience and wonderful opportunity for 4H students and Dr. Pantaleo should continue coming to the Junior School.

by Christian, Grade 4
We have done a design project featuring pieces of picture books that we have read. The six pieces that we take out of the picture books have to show perspective — depth and distance, point of view, color (secondary complementary colors, primary and tone), line, framing and typography. Another project that we did was a mini-Kandinsky. A Kandinsky is a swirly circle that has complementary colours, cold colours and warm colours.


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