Stories from the Annual Fund: Keith Driscoll


Keith Driscoll’s multi-faceted role at SMUS is special, but it’s not unique. A Middle School teacher, coach, house parent, and now Director of Residence, Keith — along with his wife Michelle and three young children — are among the many families that live and work on campus, intertwining their lives with the life of the school. Keith sees a similar level of dedication and involvement reflected broadly across the school. “The faculty is so committed and really good at what they do,” he says.

That willingness to invest in the school comes out of a teacher’s deep sense of passion for his or her work. “Kids are fundamentally awesome to work with,” Keith says. “When you can make an impact with a child, you know it will be with them for a long time.” For Keith, this feeling naturally translates to a financial investment in the school. “If you’re working in a great place and believe in what you’re doing,” he says, “supporting the annual fund isn’t a hard sell.”

His many roles have exposed Keith to the different ways in which students experience SMUS. At the Middle School, Keith has enjoyed helping students follow their curiosity and test out their independence. In boarding, he has relished his experiences as a house parent. “The relationships that you build with the boys are just amazing,” says Keith. “In boarding, we get to work on things with the kids that you just can’t fit into the course of a regular school day.”

Most of all, Keith has seen the impact that scholarships — funded by donors like him and Michelle — have had for the kids who wouldn’t be at SMUS without that support. “These students contribute so deeply and richly,” he says. “When they leave here, I think about how they will take that contribution out into the world and make a broader impact.”

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