Junior Students Get Creative


by Jane Rees, Grade 4 teacher

The students in 4J have launched their writing workshop and published their first piece. On Friday, Nov. 4th we celebrated our growth in this area with a writing celebration. Our writers shared their pieces with fellow Grade 4 students as well as kindergarten and Grade 1 students. Snacks were served and the new authors mingled with one another and talked about their craft and inspiration for their writing. Throughout the first two months of school, the children have been writing personal narratives, which are true stories from their lives. This unit was meant not only to teach them qualities of good personal narrative writing, but it was also designed to help them develop stamina, focus, structure, detail, a sense of purpose, an appreciation for conventions and an enthusiasm for writing.


by Sascha
I was walking, walking towards the tiny blue shed by the glacial waters that came from the 1000-ft cliff where the bears live. The cold brass knob of the shed felt weird versus my warm smoky hands. When I opened the door I saw some tools, some knives and a machete but what really caught my eye was the grappling hook!

by Charlotte
There was a huge field of golden wheat that we had to run through. As I went through the wheat, I felt like I was flying… and then my legs felt like they were about to betray me, flinging me to the ground. “Woo hoo, come on!” I could hear the people at the finish line chanting as I ran. I was almost there. I could see the bright yellow cones showing me the way.

by Mary
My Mom brought out marshmallows to roast and to make smores. The gooey, yummy, sticky marshmallow stuck to my face, it tasted like heaven between graham cracker. It was absolutely positively the best night in my whole entire life.


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