Grade 6 Students Discover Ocean Life


At the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, SMUS students got a chance to see some local aquatic species up close. The centre has a variety of marine life all found close to Vancouver Island shores. The classes divided their time between a fact-fueled scavenger hunt (where they had to locate certain fish and critters) and some scientific studies led by the centre’s oceaneers.

Student Thoughts

“On our field trip, I learned that a full-grown jellyfish is called a medusa and leather stars release a garlic smelling gas to protect themselves from predators.” – Chloe

“One thing I learned at the Ocean Discovery Centre was that barnacles glue themselves down and that they stand on their heads their whole life. Also, the eel adapts to its environment easily because of its dark colour.” – Taylor

“My favorite display was the touch pool, because I found it interesting to feel that the sea star was actually hard on the outside and the sea anemone would ‘grab’ your finger.” – Antonia

“One thing I learned was that moon snails use their tongue to drill a hole in a clam or shell and suck out the meat. One sea creature that I thought adapted well was the flounder fish; it was a flat fish that blended in well with the sand and you could only see it when it moved.” – Adam

“It was fun to see how jellyfish moved and to see the different stages of their life cycle. The jellyfish starts off as a planula, grows into a polyp (which starts to bud), then an ephyrae in the ocean, and finally becomes a medusa.” – Theodore


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