Youth Leadership and Action Summit – Nov. 25/26


Action Summit Poster

The Summit is an exciting opportunity to hear presentations on key issues affecting youth in our community, and gain new skills in working together and as a team, planning your social change project and making decisions as a group and to participate in hands-on workshops, where you will learn about using music, video, graphic, and others media to communicate your message.

Learn about:

Important Issues

  • Combating Discrimination in our Communities
  • Strengthening education for youth
  • Youth-led environmental change
  • Making the Connections: Taking a Global Perspective

New tools to work together:

  • Getting involved in your local government
  • Different ways of making decisions as a team
  • Creating respectful working relationships
  • Project planning
  • Creative Facilitation

New skills and hand-on experience

  • Using video for your social change project with MediaNet
  • Music as a communication tool
  • Graphic Design and Screenprinting
  • Using GPS to create Community Asset Maps

This is a free local conference!

Becky Anderson
Becky Anderson is Director of the Junior School. She has also held the position of Director of Leadership Development at SMUS.


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