Students Sink Their Teeth into Bat Unit


The Grade 1 students spent their morning at Frances King Park, which is home to various species of bats. The students were capping off a unit on bats and the field trip was a great chance for them to share their knowledge and see real bat specimens and habitats.

“I learned that bugs lay their babies in the water.” -Liam
“I learned that 1000 bats can live in a tree.” -Eva
“I liked that we got to dress up Eva’s dad like a bat.” -Josephine
“I liked that I got to play a game against the parents.” -Tyson
“I learned that there are only insect eating bats in Victoria.” -Daniel
“I learned that bats are good for the environment.” -Makena
“I liked the games.” -Jonah
“I liked when we got to hide bats in a tree.” -Lauren
“I learned that bats hide themselves in tree bark.” -Alexandra
“I liked when we went in the tree.” Samantha
“I learned that every summer bats would live in the crack in the tree.” -Naechal
“I learned that they only hibernate in the winter and fall, especially October.” -Cole
“I liked the whole thing – it was a fun trip.” -Alec
“I liked everything, especially one of the dads turning into a bat.” -Eva
“I learned that bats are not blind.” -Evalida
“I learned that in the summer bats could live in the tree.” -Alastair
“I learned that raccoons eat bats.” -Ethan
“I liked being outside and seeing the dead bats.” -Kelsey
“I liked that there was a humongous opening in a tree that you can fit in.” -Bhavan


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