Grade 6 Students Explore Lake Life


Grade 6 students visited Swan Lake to learn about the various creatures, large and small, that live in and out of the water. Here’s what they thought of the trip!

by Sara
I enjoyed watching Wrinkles the turtle, and holding Scarlet and Chocolate, the snakes. Wrinkles was a good swimmer and Scarlet and Chocolate were very slithery, scaly and soft. I tried feeding Wrinkles but I don’t think he was hungry.

by Emily
I enjoyed looking at the little creatures I got to catch and drawing all their scales. I also liked talking to Coral about the turtle ‘Wrinkles the second’ and getting to go eye to eye with her with just some glass in between us. What made my day was getting rid of my fear of snakes. I got to hold Scarlet and Licorice in my hands and was surprised how soft they were. They were very gentle and slithered around. I loved them. I hope I can meet them again when I go to Swan Lake next time.

by Matthew
At the Swan Lake field trip I really enjoyed looking at the Damsel Fly Nymph and exploring the nature house. At the nature house I enjoyed looking at the turtle and the other animals. When I was looking at the Damsel Fly Nymph under the microscope I could see the veins and brain!

by Tessa
My favourite part of Swan Lake was when we looked at the different kinds of water with the microscopes and I had four ‘Spira Jira’s.’ I also liked when we got to feel the snakes and hold them because I have never seen a snake before.


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