Dr. Lotus Vermeer ’86 Speaks to Junior and Senior Students

Last week, Dr. Lotus Vermeer ’86 visited the Junior and Senior Schools to speak to students about her work in conservation and species recovery. Dr. Vermeer was named the 2011 Distinguished Alumnus (Science and Technology) for SMUS because of her groundbreaking work in Barbados and on Santa Cruz Island, where she worked to bring the Santa Cruz fox back from the brink of extinction.

Dr. Vermeer told students she had initially wanted to be a veterinarian when she got her first degree, a BSc from McGill. She went on to earn her MSc in Marine Resource and Environmental Management from the University of the West Indies in Barbados, where she helped restore the leatherback turtle population. Currently working as project director for the Nature Conservatory, her previous positions include Director of Research and International Program Director, Earth and Marine Sciences, at the Earthwatch Institute.


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