Preserve the legacy, fulfill the Vision


Wilson ArchivesThis is the phrase that captures the essence of Founders’ Day, which occurred last Thursday, October 20. The centrepiece of the day is the Founders’ Dinner, to which students who are recipients of named scholarships – such as Timmis Scholarships, or Wilson Scholarships – are invited. The event remembers the people who originally founded the School, who had the vision over a hundred years ago that is still sustained today. It recognizes those who have made special contributions to sustaining that vision by contributing to the Board of the School or to scholarship and bursary funds. As I said, this event looks forward and back: it recognizes those who preserve the legacy others have built, and those who continue to fulfill the vision.

This year at the dinner, Tony Wilson, class of 1974, author and lawyer, sprinkled some of his experiences at the school among a larger theme of protecting one’s online reputation – a topical theme. Also at the dinner we experienced the unveiling of the new St. Michaels University School Wilson Archives found here. The archives are exciting. You go into the site, you can search past yearbooks, photographs and other documents – a wonderful place to explore. It was made possible by the generosity of Mr. Hugh McGillivray, who has a strong sense of how important it is for us to remember where we came from, and wants to make that history available to the students of today. It is described in more detail in Laura Authier’s article.



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