Play Soccer and Volunteer at the Same Time!

Soccer Marathon of Dreams: a 12-hour soccer event for dreams of a world without hunger or homelessness

Join them for 12 hours on Saturday, October 22, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm at Reynolds Park for a soccer marathon, hosted by Victoria Street Soccer and community partners.

The event is a joint fund raiser. Half of all proceeds raised will go to Victoria Street Soccer, which encourages a healthy lifestyle for people associated with Victoria’s streets, through sport in an effort to help end homelessness. The other half of proceeds go to Oxfam’s famine relief efforts in East Africa.

They’ll be playing a full 11-on-11 soccer match all day, seeing how high they can run the score. 20-minute playing slots are by $10 donation to the cause, and players can be involved in as many 20-minute slots as they like.  To participate you must go on-line and sign up for specific time slots:  Sign up now! (

For more information contact them by phone: 250.588.2414 or email:



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