Middle School Students Share We Day Experience


by Mark Piazza, Grade 8

On Thursday, October 13, I was fortunate enough to have attended We Day at Rogers’s arena in Vancouver. It is the first year that the Grade 7 and 8 students were able to attend this outstanding event. We Day is an upbeat event to inspire young kids to launch a series of actions to make the global community stronger. It shows you that it does not matter how young you are; you can make a difference, you just need to set your mind to it.

When I first walked into the arena I was overwhelmed hearing the enthusiastic crowd. It was amazing how there were so many people out there who really want to make a change in the world. There were so many great inspiring guests who shared their touching stories with all of us. I learned so much at We Day. I learned that there are 300,000 innocent kids in Africa whose families are being destroyed because they are being forced to become child soldiers. That is why we take the vow of silence each year to take a stand for the children who are silenced by these abuses. Also, I learned about the terrible drought in Africa that is killing thousands of people. Africans are walking many vigorous miles with their families in hope they will find somewhere with water before they die of dehydration.

We have made such a big difference so far. After four years, there have been 128 car washes, 352 walks and runs, more than 2,000,000 service hours, $10,000,000 raised for over 500 organizations and much more. If this is how much we can accomplish in four years, imagine what we can do in 10 years or 20 or 30. The possibilities are endless. Everyone can make a difference. This is the power of We Day.

by Livia Newman, Grade 7

We Day is a day where 18,000 youth, educators and friends come together to inspire and celebrate the power of we! We got to listen to speakers like Mikhail Gorbachev, Mia Farrow, Shaq O’Neal, Michel Chikwanine, Spencer West (to name a few). The bands that played were Hedley, Shawn Desman, Down with Webster and Freshh. At We Day, Mia Farrow talked about her experience in Africa and showed us lots of pictures from that trip. Michel Chikwanine took the vow of silence for We Day and he used big cards that said what it was like to be a child solider. Spencer West talked about his trip to Africa that he went on and how he was able to connect with the people because of his disability. All the bands were just trying to get us inspired and pumped for we day. We Day was just full of excitement and fun, it was the best field trip ever!


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