Boarders Aim for Soccer Victory

Photos by Cheryl Murtland, Becky Anderson, Craig Farish, Ian Robertson & Darin Steinkey
Music by Kevin Macleod

Grade 8 Weekend Wrap-up
by Mehrab Khazei, Grade 8 Boarder

Last weekend all the grade 8 boarders went to the rugby shop to get their rugby equipment in preparation of our upcoming Shawnigan Lake game. Guess what? We won the game!

On Sunday morning we went to Miniature World. It was so cool! It was like going around the world and experiencing things that I don’t think you could experience in real life; not only do they have countries and cities from around the world, they show histories of all the countries and some of the wars that were happening between 1900-1906. There was a section that had all the famous stories in the world and they made amazing models of some of these stories. Then, after we finished our trip to Miniature World, we went to 7-11 and everybody bought food for their boarding house.

After the weekend ended, all the houses in boarding went out to dinner to different places. The Winslow girls went for sushi, Mexican, Korean or Thai and Bolton boys went as a group to 5th St Restaurant. So delicious!

This weekend we’re going to go to volunteer on a farm. Life is busy!


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