New Requirements for Provincial Scholarships


This summer the Ministry of Education rolled out new eligibility requirements for Provincial Scholarships.  The most notable change for SMUS students is that AP exam grades will no longer be used in calculation of Provincial Scholarship eligibility.  In fact, most of the criteria will be met by the end of the grade 11 year.

The provincially examinable subjects that will be counted toward the Provincial Scholarships are:  English 10, Science 10, Math 10, Social Studies 11 and English 12.  In order to win a Provincial Scholarship, students will have to earn a final grade of at least a “B” (at least 73%) in English 12.  Students must achieve at least ONE “A” (86% or better) and THREE “B”s on four of their best provincial exams.  In addition, students must be Canadian citizens.

The value of the Provincial Scholarship remains $1000.  Vouchers are sent to graduates in late October or November of their graduating year.  Traditionally, SMUS seniors have been very successful in their quest to be recognized for this scholarship and I expect that they will continue this trend.



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