Service in Action

Thanks to Danny Park for this account of a service opportunity that took place on October 15th, 2011.

Today, six of the Barnacle Boys, Daniel Gold, Wayne Lin, Matthew Bouchard, Gareth Croft, Isaac Chung, and myself, had a chance to serve at Glad Tidings Church. We received different jobs to help others and I was assigned to serve oranges. As I had a chance to talk to the people there, I realized how blessed we are in our lives, and I was thankful for always having a roof over my head. I also got an opportunity to play the piano at the church for others. As I was playing, one of the experienced volunteers told me a story about one of the poor who had been a concert jazz pianist; he had become homeless due to an unfortunate split with his record company. From all the jobs that we were assigned, from dishwashing to cleaning the tables, each and every one of us felt grateful. All in all, this service opportunity was an eye-opening experience for us.


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