Inside Open House


Next Friday, on October 21, SMUS is holding its first Open House of the year. Despite becoming a staple SMUS event in recent years, many prospective parents still wonder what exactly Open House is.

The phrase “open house” might make you think of real estate open houses, where you can wander through someone’s home and decide if you want to buy it. Similarly, Open House is a chance for families who are considering joining the school to find out more about us. Parents can pick up a copy of the 2010 parent survey to learn what parents like about our school as well as Our Report Card, which overviews everything from community life to academic performance.

Open House is an opportunity to see something in action that you’ve only read about. SMUS offers tours and campus visits throughout the year, but Open House is a rare opportunity to really explore the school. Visitors get to see the campus in full swing, with classes in session and day-to-day school life on display. It’s a bit like seeing a house in person instead of a virtual tour.

Imagine going to a real estate open house where you can meet not only the real estate agent in charge, but the current owners, the contractors that have made improvements and the architect who designed the home. At Open House, not only can you talk to current students about their experience, you also meet the directors of school, teachers and admissions representatives. This is a rare opportunity to ask questions about a lot of different areas of school life, from classroom specifics to our overall approach to education.

Another aspect of Open House that makes it unlike visiting campus at any other time, is the chance to meet and talk with other families who are looking at the school. Throughout the day, parents, teachers and students are mingling at a general reception, where staff and faculty are answering questions from prospective families. Without asking anything yourself, you will undoubtedly learn a lot about our school just by tuning in to other conversations.

For Open House, we open our doors to neighbours, prospective families, families who have already applied and anyone who’s interested in learning more about our school. Open House is meant to be just that – a way of opening our doors to the community and welcoming anyone and everyone to explore our school.


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