Grade 5 Students Talk Leadership


Grade 5 students shared their thoughts on leadership at the annual leadership assembly, where the Grade 5 students are acknowledged for their role as leaders.

by Amy Z
I think that leadership is about caring, respecting and helping others. What if everybody in the world started to care for others? Then, there would be no more war because the army will care for the normal people and understand how they hate war. I want to be a role model to who people how to care for others. What if everybody in the world started to respect elders? Then, more and more kids would be polite and nice. I think that I will be polite and nice, even though it’s just a little bit in the world. What if everybody in the world helped others when they needed help? Then, there will be less hate in the world. Why don’t we start caring, respecting and helping others? It makes a difference!

Students on Leadership
“To me, leadership is being a kind person and caring and caring about the Earth.” – Isabella
“Leadership is to respect differences in others.” – Sofia
“Leadership means treating other people the way you want to be treated.” – Matthew J.
“I look forward to volunteering in the service program.” – Lucas G
“Leadership means showing respect, being honourable and especially helping others.” – Violetta
“A good leader is always checking to see if they can help.” – Lucas B
“A good leader helps anyone who is hurt and sets a good example for the little kids and looks after them.” – Angelo
“I think the most important thing I would look for in a leader is to be kind to others.” – Georgia
“You have to know when you’ve reached a crossroads and choose the path that will benefit everyone, not the one that will benefit a single person.” – Anna
“Leadership means trying to help animals to get homes.” – Diya
“Great leaders in the world never stop to achieve their goal, even if it seems impossible.” – John
“You have to be devoted to your job, because other people need your help.” – Julie
“Leadership means being respectful.” – Connor
“The best leaders don’t mind getting involved, not just sitting back and ordering others around.” – Terra
“If you want to be a leader you have to take things into consideration. You have to be flexible when things go wrong and you have to be calm.” – Radha
“A leader must show respect, understanding and friendliness. A leader does stuff without being told.” – Matthew O
“When I think of leadership, I think of the prayer: If there is to be peace in the world there must be peace in the nations, right down to the heart.” – Tasha
“Anyone, big or small, can be a leader in their own way.” – Fionnuala
“A leader is someone who is kind to everyone, including the Earth.” – Olivia
“Leadership means showing compassion and asking for little or nothing in return.” – Franklin
“Leaders make changes in the world. You rely on leaders.” – Abbey
“Leadership is not big things, it’s a million little things.” – Emma
“A leader understands you and gives you new ideas. A leader is someone who expresses their thoughts to the world.” – Alison
“It means to be reliable and to show up on time. When you say you are going to do something, do it and do not miss it or be late.” – Amy
“I believe to do your best in everything you do makes a good leader.” – Matthew H
“A leader should have a personality. Have courage, be kind and respectful. A leader must take responsibility and be caring to everyone.” – Christopher
“Leaders are all different…But all of them don’t care if they get a reward.” – Emma C
“Leadership is being willing to do things that others won’t. It is setting a good example for everybody and having good manners.” – Connor
“I think that leadership is having fun with everyone. It is playing with other people and not excluding others.” – Zoe
“It is being kind to other people and is as simple as opening a door for someone.” – Alastair
“Think of people like Simon Ibell, who was a student at SMUS with an illness that made his life difficult. He is a very good leader because he cares about helping people even though he has an illness.” – Lilly
“I remember looking up to the Grade 5 students. I hope you look up to me in the same way.” – Meredith
“I think a leader is someone you can trust and rely on. The virtues I see in a good leader are kindness, honesty, caring and respect.” – Matteo
“I think a good leader is someone who is respectful to others and who inspires people.” – Marcus


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