First Spirit Week Peps Up the Middle School


The Middle School House Council organized the very first Spirit Week, incorporating all kinds of events. On Monday, students were able to write little messages to praise fellow classmates for positive contributions to the school on a “shout out” board. On Tuesday, students were surprised with a flash mob during their chapel service and on Wednesday, each student received a cupcake during their TAG class. On Thursday, students met up in the strings room for a balloon-popping competition, where students could win a prize if they popped the right balloon. The balloons also had inspirational phrases inside. On Friday, the big finale included students wearing crazy accessories and each TAG class presenting their very own cheer!

by Sarah and Robyn

The first annual Middle School Spirit Week was an amazing success. The week started off as pep day! All of house counsel went to the different TAG classes and gave them a cheer to start their day. They also encouraged TAGs to write a song about themselves which would be performed at Friday’s assembly. All the cheers were great! Tuesday was surprise day; everyone was super surprised when House Council members did a flash mob in chapel. Wednesday was free cupcake day! Which everyone was pretty excited about because who doesn’t like free cupcakes! Thursday was balloon pop day. There were 500 balloons in the strings room and in each balloon there was a fortune or a prize. Congratulations to Jordon Hibbert for winning the grand prize, $25 to spend at American Eagle. To end the week we had ‘crazy’ day! Which pretty much explains its self, everyone showed up to school with crazy hair, hat, ties, nails, socks and shoes. Spirit week was amazing and hopefully there will be many more over the years.


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