Art 10 Students Go "Behind the Scenes"


by Alicia Knight, Grade 10
The Grade 10 Visual Arts classes visited a special exhibit at the Royal BC Museum at the end of September. It was a great opportunity, as Mr. Bateman intended on giving the students a variety of subject matter to draw beyond the study materials available in class; they had already drawn their shoes in three different ways.

In less than an hour, the students were expected to fill four pages with sketches, some large and more detailed and others just impressions, hoping to explore shapes and angles as well as textures and form. It also was a workshop to improve speed. The showcase was a collection of preserved animals, some floating in jars like the young whale and others stuffed and primped like the sea otter. Each animal was local to British Columbia with no foreign creatures. The exhibit was only at the museum for a short while more and it allowed each artist to get closer to the animals and draw interesting still life.

This assignment tested our speed and accuracy of detail, as well as showing us the difficulty in still life drawing. All the art students appreciated and enjoyed the trip for the opportunity and the changed environment. It was a great experience for my peers and me.


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