Teamwork Training at Camp Pringle


by Sara Ritchie, teacher
This week, students in Grades 4 and 5 spent an exciting day at Camp Pringle on Shawnigan Lake. With a focus on teambuilding activities, students learned the importance of communication, cooperation and respect when working together to complete a task. There were a lot of laughs and lots of fun to be had while they used Hovamarumps to avoid the Pit of Doom and challenged themselves on the Climbing Wall. The Grade 4 students got to try out the Low Ropes course while the Grade 5 students tested their map reading skills with an Orienteering Scavenger Hunt. All students left with a better understanding of themselves, their classmates and the natural environment at beautiful Camp Pringle.

Camp Pringle Reflections
“Teamwork to me is finding and brainstorming ideas and working together And not just being caring for you but being caring for everyone.” -Charlotte

“What I loved about Camp Pringle is the Team Games. I really liked it when we were playing with the Hovermerumps. I liked it because it had a ton of teamwork, so you needed everyone and no one was left out.” -Sascha

“Teamwork is overcoming challenges that you cannot overcome yourself by working together with your friends.” -Michael

“It was difficult to go across the pit of doom with the hovermerumps because everytime someone jumped, another person had to step on it or they would fly away!” -Alyssa

“I think teamwork is working together to overcome obstacles that block your destiny, and caring not just for yourself, but for everyone you are working with.” -Kevin

“We demonstrated teamwork when we didn’t argue and got through a task together. We demonstrated teamwork when we thought of an idea and agreed with it. I think it’s best to go to Camp Pringle in the fall because by the end of the year we might already know teamwork.” -Sebastian

“I loved that both classes got together because you were in groups with your friends in the other class.” -Seung

“I learned that you need patience in a team.” -Joshua

“I thought that when you look at the place it was beautiful and I saw that everyone was so nice.” -Liam

“The camp was really fun. I was proud of myself most on how far I got on the low ropes. The idea of a whole day of activities really opened my eyes. What touched my heart was the idea of teamwork. Now I really think teamwork is important if you want to achieve something.” -Larry

“One of the challenges was the weather. I overcame it because of coats. The big problem was how it changed from rain to sun all the time.” -Paris

“Well, I am surprised how much more fun working as a group was than working by yourself.” -Luci

“It was a wonderful day! I loved it. It almost couldn’t have been better! I discovered that Will is a really good climber. I figured out that I was better than I thought at a few things!” -Ben


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