Scholar in Residence Bruce Brown


by Orla Glen, Grade 12

On Friday, all Term 1 athletes had the honour of listening to the director of Proactive Coaching, Bruce Brown. Bruce Brown has spoken all across North America to athletes, coaches, and parents about proactive coaching, and on Friday he spoke to us about life lessons for athletes. He talked about important characteristics—discipline, teachable spirit, mental toughness, accountability, integrity, selflessness, pride and humility—required in athletes.

Listening to Bruce taught us all many things, including the importance of putting effort into practice. Bruce told an interesting story of a high school basketball player, the star of a small town team. Bruce drove six and a half hours to watch this player practice (in the hopes to recruit him) but he quickly saw that this player was not worth the drive; he was last out of the change room, slowest warming up, and gave no effort at practice. The player demonstrated none of the essential characteristics an athlete should have and to this day does not know a scout was watching him practice.

Working hard at practice shouldn’t be about scouts, but instead be for your coaches and teammates. We all know 110% is required at games, but its far more important at practices. Bruce Brown left all of us wanting to practice harder.


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