Busy Weekend for Tigers and Superstars

Last weekend was a busy one for Service at SMUS. The Timmis Tigers spent Saturday morning on Mt. Tolmie with Dave Lock of the Mt. Tolmie Conservancy Association. They took out many invasive species that are threatening the park, such as Scottish Broom and Himalayan Blackberry. Thankfully the sun came out and the girls worked hard to get rid of a HUGE amount of vegetation. On Sunday, Harvey House added to the pile of weeds and continued on with the good work. In the coming weeks the other four boarding houses are going to take their turns and see how much of an impact SMUS can make.

The Symons Superstars are continuing on with their Breakfast Club service project. For several years now, they have been going once a month to help serve breakfast to people in need at a downtown church. They get up early to head downtown, and spend time setting up, serving food, visiting with people and cleaning up.

Thanks to all the student who took part. It is wonderful to see the level of engagement SMUS students have in our community. Keep it up!


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