Prefect Council Retreats!


Pictures by Cheryl Murtland

by Alexis Thind, Grade 12 boarder

As a group of twenty newly elected prefects, we traveled to Seattle for a leadership experience to kick off the year. Accompanying us on our journey this past weekend was Ms. Roth, Ms. Murtland, Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Leslie, each of whom provided appreciated insights into aspects of leadership that we had not considered before.

Upon arrival at Camp Berachah, the group split in two. Half proceeded to Peggy Glimer’s horse farm while the rest remained at the Camp to interview each other with in-depth questions about our views on leadership. Following the interviews we were given shirts on which we wrote one descriptive word that we felt defined our peers. Later we learned that these shirts proved to be an excellent tool and have become a cherished keepsake. It was interesting how often many of us came up with the same quality to describe someone; a thesaurus would have come in handy!

On Saturday, the groups switched places and it was my group’s turn to experience Peggy’s farm. And what an incredible experience it was! It is difficult to sum up all the amazing lessons in leadership that Peggy and her horses taught us, since each individual learned something that was personal. I learned how to stand my ground with confidence in front of an intimidating situation (a 1000 pound horse was a good place to start). It was challenging because without complete faith in oneself, the horse would not comply.

Saturday night was memorable for all of us as we came together to sit around an indoor campfire (yes, indoor—we were really roughing it), roast marshmallows and sing some tunes. The transformation within the group was truly heart-warming; in two days we had grown into a cohesive group of enlightened leaders. Using our freshly acquired skills, we finished off the trip by collectively creating this year’s prefect credo which will guide us throughout our decision making.

Together we will support each other through the hardships and triumphs of our last year, and for this I am very excited.


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