Grade 6 Artists Dig Into Clay Sculpture


Grade 6 students got their hands dirty this week practicing sculpture fundamentals. They are preparing to learn about glazes and firing clay — knowledge they’ll need later to create animal piggybanks.

by Karmen Tse

Today in art class we used clay to create tiles and showed Mrs. Wilkins our understanding of what we can do with clay. Our assignment was to create tiles that showed that we knew how to score the clay, mold the clay, and to basically have fun.

by Macy Weymar

In today’s Art class, we molded a practice clay tile to make sure we knew how to work with clay. First, we got our lumps of clay and started to get the air bubbles out. If you have air bubbles in your clay it could explode in the kiln, so we made sure to get them all out. When we were finished getting rid of the air bubbles, we rolled the clay with a rolling pin to the width of an inch. Then, using a cardboard square, we traced perfect squares into the clay.

We all knew the three things our tile needed: at least one thing popping out (making the tile two inches), at least one piercing of any shape (going all the way through), and some sort of pattern or texture.

What I thought while using the clay was that Emily Carr dug her clay with her own hands, but the clay we were using was probably dug by a machine and processed so it didn’t have any rocks or twigs in it.

I’m really looking forward to future Art classes here at the Middle School.


  1. We got to show Mrs.Wilkins our understanding of how to use clay in our own creative way. Like how to mold, score and beat up the clay to get the air bubbles out!! Can’t wait to make my clay piggy bank!


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