What About “Down Under”?


There are some excellent universities in Australia and New Zealand.  I recently visited two universities in Melbourne, Australia.  Victoria University is an 11-campus technical university with program emphasis on business, law, science, engineering, sport science, sport psychology, and events management. VU has brand-new multi-million dollar facilities for its new Sport and Exercise Science programmes at its Footscray campus.

VU Footscray is in a park-like setting

The University of Melbourne is located on one very large campus near the centre of the city.  U of M is a more traditional university with all of the usual undergraduate programmes and professional schools, a mixture of old and new buildings, large grassy spaces, and a deep history. [See photo at the bottom of this Blog.]

One of the major considerations for people thinking about Australia is the country itself and its wonderful cities.  Melbourne was recently named (by The Economist) as the most liveable city in the world.  There are tens of thousands of international students attending Australian universities.  After all, what’s not to like?  Wonderful climate, lively arts scene, dynamic sports culture, friendly people, kangas, koalas, and great beaches.  The Australian government supplies a service for undergraduate applicants called Australearn.  This organization takes care of many details for undergrads, from the time of application to your first day of classes.  An invaluable service.  G’day, mate.

St. Kilda’s Beach, Melbourne, in the dead of Aussie winter


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