The ACT Comes to SMUS


How much do you like to take multiple choice tests (especially when – gasp – you think your ENTIRE FUTURE DEPENDS UPON IT!!)?

A. I would rather poke a stick in my eye
B. My palms get sweaty and I get this huge headache
C. I’d rather sleep in instead of getting up at that ungodly hour on a Saturday
D. It’s OK; I rather like the challenge

I bet most of you didn’t answer “D.”

I’m often asked which test to write, SAT or ACT. Virtually every US college/university or university will now accept either. In addition, the ACT with Writing is often accepted by very selective US universities in lieu of the SAT and Subject Tests. And, unlike the SAT, on the ACT there is no penalty for guessing – your score is based only on the number right.

I can say, for the English section anyway, that the SAT is much more vocabulary based. If you aren’t much of a reader, or English is your second or co-language, the ACT may be the better exam. The ACT English is much more about recognizing correct English in context.

The ACT also has a Science section, which actually has very little science content; it is more about being able to analyze data, graphs and charts. For more info on the ACT vs SAT and test score comparison/concordance chart, see the Student Moodle.

The official web site for each test – and deadlines, registration and sample tests (to get a preview of which test you may score better on) – see: and

We are now offering ACT prep at SMUS! The first session will be Monday, September 19 at 6:30pm. Register through:


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