Junior Students Describe Their First Week Back


The Junior School began its year with a welcome barbecue and all kinds of activities to help students settle back into the classroom. With new additions and returning friends, it was a wonderful way to start school.

“I came to this school when I was a tiny four-year-old. Ever since, the school has been a place where I can go and see my friends, learn, play and give.” – Amalia

“I am very happy with the new school. I love the kids here and I have a few new friends.” – Lilly

“I liked the Welcome Back barbeque because you got to know the new people.” – Angelo

“My classroom is the best.” – Alastair

“Grade 5 is such a big difference! There are so many responsibilities and changes. The leadership roles make me feel older and more mature. The barbeque was a great time to have fun and get to see my friends again.” – Sofia

“I really like school.” – Connor

“The teachers are awesome. There is so much volunteering and caring.” – Meredith

“It is so fun to be back. It’s great to meet all the new kids. Grade 5 is awesome.” – Georgia

“I enjoyed the barbecue. There are nice people and great teachers and I feel really welcome here.” – Violetta

“I am very excited that school has started. I can’t wait to enjoy the year. It is so sad that this is my last year at the Junior School. I hope the year goes by not so fast.” – Isabella


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