A Grand Opening for Boarders

by Sydney Fraser, Grade 11

The first week at a new school tends to be overwhelming, and my first week at SMUS was no exception. Had someone told me eight months ago that I would be moving to a new school a continent away from my parents at the end of the summer, I would never have believed them.

I recently repatriated to Canada after living in Ireland for three years and I’ve never boarded before, so I was prepared to be unprepared. However, despite the hours of orientation and information meetings, I began to feel at home very soon after moving into Timmis house. From the house parents to the other students, everyone was very welcoming and I quickly hit my stride. Name games, house meetings and weekend activities quickly dissolved any anxiety I had coming into this experience. In fact, finding my classes was the only real snag, and I only failed to do that once.

Of course, they keep us busy here. I haven’t even had time to be homesick. I can’t speak for the experiences of the other new students, but my first week was made immeasurably easier and more enjoyable by the work of my teachers, house parents and upperclassmen. Thanks to them, I find myself looking forward to the weeks to come.


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