Students Start Year with Leadership


Both the Middle and Senior Schools welcomed their newest members with student-led programs designed to help their younger peers quickly settle into SMUS. Grade 9 students took part in the Link Leader program while Grade 6 students completed Where Everyone Belongs (WEB).

WEB focuses on helping students get to know each other, team-building and orientation. The Grade 8 leaders are paired up with a small group of students who can turn to them throughout the year for help and advice. After some fun and games in the gym, the small groups broke off to complete exercises surrounding personal goals and their hopes for the year.

Link Leader helps students settle in a similar way. The games for the Grade 9 students focused on lessons to cope with life at the school, including demonstrating the challenges of multi-tasking. Given the size of the SMUS campus, a tour was a very practical way to help new students prepare for the next four years.


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