Junior School Closing Ceremonies


Director of Junior School Nancy Richard’s Speech
As educators our image of the child, especially of young children, is changing. They are much wiser than we used to think. They, in fact come to us with a wise guiding voice. And at the Junior School we believe that it is our responsibility to foster the child’s own organic wisdom which will lay the foundation for their ability to make wise choices into the future.

As teachers and parents of the 21st Century, we must make children’s learning and wisdom visible- and recognize that it is our role to engage them so that we can bring out all they know. And we must remember that ours is a reciprocal relationship where we learn along with them….where we listen,… take the time to truly listen, in order to find out how they perceive the world. Because when we listen, we can see more clearly the amazing potential of all children, their richness, and their talents.

Most importantly, we must view each child as capable and resourceful with interesting thoughts and strong feelings about their world…with gifts that need to be nourished and allowed to unfold.

As Emma Goldman, author, writes: “No one has yet fully realized the wealth of wisdom, kindness, generosity and intellectual power hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.”

Children’s Quotes About Wisdom

  • Ava in Kindergarten says, “Wisdom is when someone has joy” and Liam says, “Wisdom is when you try really hard at something and then you teach others.”
  • Cypress in Grade 1 says, “Wisdom is enjoying every day of your life” and Markus and Cassidy remark, “Wisdom is walking very slowly down a bumpy road.”
  • In Grade 2, Gracie wrote, “Wise is when you know some things that other people don’t know and think of things that other people don’t think of.” And Connor said, “wise people notice things; in fact, they notice a lot.” And Graham remarked:….. “Wise people don’t dig themselves into holes”.
  • Paris in Grade 3 defines wisdom as “being able to relax” and Charlotte says, “Wisdom means that you are wise within your words and actions along with being peaceful and believing.” And to Evelyn, wisdom is simply “inner peace.”
  • The Grade 4 students had lots to say about wisdom, too. Anna writes, “Wisdom is a knowledge of what is right and knowing when to act even when you don’t want to. Alison says, “Wisdom is humility- not needing to know everything but knowing what really matters and counts” and Sophia believes that “Wisdom is something that we all have: we just have to learn how to access and use it so life can be simple”.

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