Grads Say Farewell in Leavers’ Chapel

by Rachel Nam, Grade 12

Friday, June 10th, would be a day of “lasts” for the grads of 2011. The last day of high school, the last day of classes and the last SMUS chapel of our lives. We were lucky enough to have the chapel all to ourselves. It would be a chapel run by the grads and dedicated to the grads. A committee met about a month before to start planning the chapel and during the weeks leading up to the chapel, we were able to decide on a theme, which was “Most Likely To”. This theme was not about voting on who in our grad class was most likely to do or be anything, but instead, it was a reflection on ourselves and what we, individually, thought we were most likely going to do in the future.

The chapel started out with a video. It was a video (filmed and edited by myself) showing various students in the grad class saying what they thought they were going to do in the future. Some were serious and others not, but it gave a good insight to what our grad class planned to do in the future.

After the video, Emily Hayashi and Bonnie Moore read out a prayer. A prayer that Bonnie had actually re-written using language that would be applicable to high school students. We then sung one verse of the school song with Mrs. Skinner on the piano. Headmaster Snowden then told us stories about his travels and his visits to schools around the world. After, it was a time of reflection for the grads. Kelsey Bjola, Olivia Krusel and Sky Richards took the podium to re-capture the past year. They gave a presentation with a slideshow that highlighted certain aspects of the year and showed us everything the grads had achieved. After, Chris Madsen sung a song in Chinese. The song was about goodbyes and it was quite appropriate for the occasion.

Afterwards, the two teachers that we asked to speak, Mrs. Rajotte and Mr. Leggatt, talked to us about some of their stories and some words of wisdom. Both talked about the theme and how it applied to them and how it now applies to us. They both made us all laugh with their stories of the past (especially Mr. Leggatt’s high school graduation photo) and how they got to their position in life, but they did not fail to inspire us to live life to the fullest and let life take us wherever we go. Then it was time for the school song once more, but this time, it would be different. Michael Skinnider, Priya Mulgaonkar and Chris Madsen worked their magic to create an amazing remix of the school song for everyone to sing along and dance to. It created a fun and exciting atmosphere and ended our chapel with a bang.

This chapel was a special chapel for the grads as it was all about us and for us. It was the last chapel together with our deep breaths and it was a time to reflect on the past but also look forward to the future. So thank you to the committee who planned this entire chapel. Thank you to Megan Parker who drew the chapel cats for the slideshow. Thank you to Mrs. Rajotte and Mr. Leggatt who gave us a few chuckles but also gave us lessons that we can keep for life. And thank you to Reverend Fletcher, who in his bi-weekly chapels, always gave us a chance to sit back and just take a moment out of a hectic life here at SMUS.


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