Grade 9 and 10 Closing Ceremonies


SMUS celebrated the work of the Grade 9 and 10 students over the past year at a special ceremony. Students gave speeches, performed music and received their records of achievement. They also heard from Mr. Bob Snowden and Ms. Kath Roth as well as their grade advisors, whose speeches are excerpted below.

Grade 9 Advisor Mr. Eliot Anderson
“I think in many ways, Grade 9 is a special year. It marks the beginning of the journey towards graduation, and, apart from kindergarten, marks the only time that the entire class is new to the school in some capacity. Whether fresh from the campus of the Middle School or arriving from many miles abroad to board here, each of these students faced a new experience with fresh expectations, new teachers and new friends to make. For me, it’s always incredible to watch the growth and maturation of the Grade 9 students from September to June, as the sense of trepidation is slowly replaced with confidence, routines are discovered, and a sense of calm develops as they settle into their individual niches. You have become a part of the Senior School’s culture and I congratulate you all on your successes this year.”

Grade 10 Advisor Mr. David Kerr
“As ever, we have high achievers in the grade – athletic champions, provincial athletes, theatrical stars, musical entertainers and performers, public speaking winners, as well as some amazing academic scholars.  Many of the Grade 10s have been taking advanced courses – in other words Grade 11 or Grade 12 courses, and for a few of them, Advanced Placement courses – and achieving a great degree of success.

But it’s not always about achievement. Within the school community, this grade has been very active in joining school councils – in fact, at our final Grade Out last week, more than a third of the grade indicated they were involved in the Councils this year – the highest proportion in a grade 10 class that I can ever remember. They also participated in service and leadership initiatives, and definitely enhanced the “school spirit.”  This has included wearing some fabulous costumes at Halloween and on Valentines Day, being heavily involved in Keep the Beat and Walk for Water, and contributing greatly to the Christmas hamper appeal. All very much part of our vision statement – “To Learn; To Lead, To Serve”.

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