SMUS Raises Funds With World Partnership Walk


The World Partnership Walk was held on Sunday, May 29. Many families from SMUS gathered at Beacon Hill Park for this annual event in support of the Aga Khan Foundation, Canada.

The children at the Junior School prepared for this event by holding a Global Village Lunch on Thursday, May 12. The students experienced a dahl and rice lunch and saw photos of conditions in Kenya and India. They also heard stories from Senior School students Mackenzie Blaisdell, Shayla Baumeler and Christina Clemente about their experiences in these countries. It was an informative session that raised some money for the World Partnership Walk.

On the day of the walk, many of the families from the Junior, Middle and Senior schools gathered in support of this important cause. The school was awarded a trophy for having the top fundraising team in the city and it was accepted by a representative group of children, teachers and parents. The families were able to donate $14,530 to the organization. The morning ended with a large gathering of the participants enjoying a dal lunch, some entertainment and soaking up the wonderful ambience.


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