Senior and Junior Students Stay Fit Together


Last week, students from Grades 2-4 came to visit the Senior School campus to take part in some fun and games with a few of their Senior School counterparts. Grade 11 students had completed their Right to Play unit, where they learn how to present a series of small games and then facilitate small group discussions about specific health issues that can be tied into those games.

Divided into small groups, the Junior School students were rotated through a variety of stations, each featuring a different game. Students of all ages took part in games of tag, racing and even a word game.The activities were the same as those used by Right to Play leaders while on assignment in developing countries.

“It’s a great opportunity for our Grade 11 students to practice their own leadership skills and for the Junior School students to get a taste of life at the Senior School in what we hope is a meaningful experience,” says Eliot Anderson, head of physical education.


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