Grade 5 Musical Is a Magical Show


by Nancy Richards, Junior School Director

The opening night of “Pirates in Wonderland” at the Junior School was a tremendous success! The Grade 5 classes dazzled their audience, dressed as pirates and Alice in Wonderland characters, with their singing, dancing and acting on stage.

Writing, producing, choreographing and directing a school musical for young children is a tremendous undertaking and Junior School French teacher, Stephanie Geehan, is to be applauded for her creativity and talent in producing and facilitating such an outstanding performance! Ms. Geehan says, “I wrote the musical in order to give each of the students a specific character with more than one line. I think that it is important to provide each child with their moment in the spotlight – their chance to shine. Each child brought so much thought and personality to their role.”

Of course, the support Ms. Geehan received from the Grade 5 homeroom teachers, Junior School faculty and the parent community was critical to the overall success of the endeavour. The entire Junior School community looks forward to another brilliant performance by our Grade 5 students tonight!


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