Kindergarten Class Teaches Parents About Marine Life


The Kindergarten children invited their parents to school to share their learning about our unit on “Our Big Blue Planet”. The “big ideas” we covered were that 1) Our earth is covered by more water than land and 2) The ocean and humans are interconnected. Our provocation question was, “Why is it important to understand life in our oceans?”

The children took their parents on a tour of learning through stations set up in different rooms, for the following activities:

  • Globe Toss Tally (to discover if there is more land or water on the earth)
  • Marine Scavenger Hunt (identifying all things marine, from a horseshoe crab to sea salt to shark jaws)
  • Describing our inquiry investigation and research question about our oil spill experiment and retelling of a story about the Exxon Valdez
  • Labeling a world map with the 5 oceans
  • Describing the life and contributions of Jacques Cousteau
  • Showing our tide pool models and tide pool clay creations
  • Classifying living and non-living things found in tide pools
  • “Deep sea diving” for marine life (paintings and facts posted throughout the hallways)
  • Sharing poems, booklets, sketches, etc. from our months long study of “Our Big Blue Planet”!


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