Ahh! Summertime!


Summer Doldrums?  Consider prepping for September 2011

As we are finishing another year, it may seem impossible that we should be considering September 2011, but really you should.  Your graduation year is going to be filled with exciting events but there are all kinds of other assignments that will have to be done:  applications to universities, personal essays, scholarship applications, exams.

Continue Post-secondary Research

Over the last two years in Planning class you have completed your personality profiles and interest inventories.  You have explored possible careers and the post-secondary programs that will take you toward your chosen career path.  Many of you will have researched universities to determine which ones offer the programs that interest you.  This summer is a perfect time to continue that research:  do a road trip to visit the universities you are considering, do more research, find out about residence, financial aid and opportunities for fun on all the campuses.  In that way, you will be prepared to come back in September ready to begin your applications as an informed prospective student.

Develop Essays and Personal Statements

The writing process for essay questions for the Common Application and personal statements for university applications should take a great deal of time.  It is never too early to start putting your thoughts down on paper, and creating rough drafts.  Remember, though, that this work MUST be original and should be a reflection of YOU.

Review Scholarship Applications and consider answers

Some scholarships are due very early in the year:  University of Toronto National Scholarship, Loran Award and the Blythe Cambridge Scholarship all have due dates in September and October.  There is a considerable amount of preparation that goes into applying for these scholarships, so please visit Ms. Casey to pick up last year’s application.  This will at least give you an idea of the amount of work involved in applying and will also provide you with a chance to consider answers ahead of time.

UK Applications and US Early Decision

These applications require a great deal of thought and should be prepared well in advance of September.  Deadline is EARLY October.


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